this months botm is joshdunit!
pete to my patrick








fall out boy (x3) - 8/15/13, 12/7/13, 6/25/14

twenty one pilots - 8/15/13

panic! at the dico - 8-15/13

paramore - 6/25/14

new politics - 6/25/14

hedley - 12/7/13

i'm victoria and i'm probably thinking about joe trohman.

I feel like we are all constantly encountering moral crossroads where the decisions that benefit the “now” will have consequences down the road; but the decision that might seem tough and tolling right away will ultimately be more rewarding. What is our purpose for playing music? We are constantly asking ourselves that question. The answer can change all the time, but for right now we are just going to stick with something as simple as "we want to make people think."


I love how in what a catch donnie at the end they’re all more or less singing in the same key with kind of low and calm voices but then brendon’s just like dANCE DAYNCE WE’RE FALLING APART TO HALF TIME


one time at my monumentour date, they were playing dance dance and pete and joe went towards the back of the venue. i turned around to watch them play and i looked pete dead in the eye and he stuck his tongue out at me. i did it back at him and he gave me the biggest heart warming smile in the world and in conclusion pete wentz is a huge dork